Challenge accepted

Challenge accepted

I have been challenged to launch my blog in 29 days. On 17.1.2017 I got challenged by Michael Bodekaer, the founder of Labster, that on 16.2.2017, he will be able to read about efficient lifestyle on this blog.

I have known Michael since November 2015 when I successfully tried to join his new startup. Unfortunately, the deal didn’t work out, because I had to take care of my personal things at that moment and I couldn’t accept his offer. My motto is always about reaching ‘win-win’ situations. Only by doing that you can build sustainable relationships.  

I have followed his success ever since and we exchanged a couple of Emails in between. Serendipity lead us to meet each other yesterday. I told him about my new plans of launching a blog about efficient lifestyle for startup founders and entrepreneurs, a niche I think I have something to tell about … I let you decide if it’s so.

With excitement, he immediately said, what’s the URL and he wanted to check it out. I had to slow him down … it’s not ready yet. “Doesn’t matter”, he replied, “I will put a reminder on my calendar for 16.02.2017 and I will go to check out your blog.”

Now, this is a huge challenge! Michael is a very busy entrepreneur with lots of stuff going on. You can’t take such challenge lightly. So, then …. “Challenge accepted!”

To be honest, I wasn’t even sure I am going to write this blog before yesterday.

I have been following a process called ‘Will it Fly’ developed by Pat Flynn, since the beginning of the year. This process leads you through series of steps designed to validate if your idea has merits.

I just finished the ‘One Sentence’ exercise (definition of your idea in one sentence) a few days ago and was bouncing it off with different people.

I have studied Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income journey since the beginning of December 2016 when I took the leap to become a full-time entrepreneur. The biggest concern I have is that his best content episodes, in regards to learning value for beginners, are from the year 2010 onwards and his blog posts are from even earlier (2008 onwards). It’s freaking 7-9 years ago. The internet business industry has been much less crowded then.

Does it make sense for me to spend my time on something that might not work?

The basic premise of the passive income is that you work hard now to reap the benefits later.

Work hard now doesn’t mean today, tomorrow, this week, this month … it usually means minimum 1 – 1.5 years before you reap those benefits. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. But … what is a sprint nowadays? Except for the sprint (:) pun intended)! Not very many things are. You always have to put in lots of effort to gain trust and then maintain a balanced level of effort in order to keep the trust and grow the relationship. It’s not an oscillation, it’s a huge climb and then it levels off. Plus, after some time, there needs to be a refresh and a new climb with new leveling. I will get to that in a separate post.

Having said that, the main concern is still valid. Is this the right thing to do? Each one of us has 24 hours in a day. Does this project deserve the limited time that I can very easily use for something else? Isn’t the opportunity cost too high? Well, “if you don’t ask you don’t get”, my first mentor Brent used to say. It can be easily adjusted to “if you don’t try, you will never know” … Let’s try then! Let’s validate the viability of this project.

Patt Flynn says: “Your earnings are a byproduct of how helpful you can be to your followers.”

I hope this blog will help you lead more efficient startup and business life and spend as much time as possible on things you love to do.

High five through the screen!


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